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About Us

Patio de Tango, embodying the essence of traditional Argentine Tango, which was started in Buenos Aires on street corners, under lamplights on cobblestone streets. Tango as danced in Buenos Aires, as a culture and a way of life.

Learn the dance which has given new meaning to so many – the dance, the music, the embrace, the walk, the connection which creates compassion and respect – and a new attitude to harmony and an unspoken language with others.

Tango Instructor: 

Pedro Florentino Alvarez – current Australian Tango Salon Champion

Growing up in the neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires, Pedro’s early years were steeped in Tango, from tango music as a baby, to a love of dancing from his father who was a folkloric dance teacher, accompanying his older sisters to Milongas and working later at Club Bristol. His unbridled passion and love for Tango and Tango Music has remained with him and he has been teaching Argentine tango in Australia since 2001, sharing the elegance and passion of the art of Tango.

Pedro has given workshops in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and New Zealand. He is the regular DJ for Esquina de Tango weekly and monthly milongas and has been guest DJ at many festivals around Australia and New Zealand.

Contact: 0418 219 188

Tango Instructor:

Hosanna Heinrich is a tango dancer, teacher, performing and visual artist. Hosanna has trained with Tango masters in Sydney and Buenos Aires, complementing her skills with aerial dance and martial arts.

In 2007 Hosanna  and Federico Mattiuzzi became the Australian Stage Tango Champions, and represented Australia in the World Tango Championships. She has performed in many venues all over Sydney, from underground clubs to the Opera house. Hosanna focuses on creative explorations of tango based on natural movement and connection between partners.

She is dedicated to the promotion of tango as a social dance, teaches regular classes, has given workshops in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and New Zealand and has hosted several Argentine teachers in Sydney.

Contact: 0412 153 283